Orthomolecular intestinal cleansing

Immunity depends on a sufficient supply of orthomolecular substances, such as zinc, selenium, vitamins or omega fatty acids. For example, vaginal discharge in women is a clear indication of chronic intestinal disorders, which make an intestinal cleansing seem sensible. A chronically defective intestine is the traditional gateway for fungi in the body.
Normally, an intestinal cleansing is performed if frequent or long-term gastrointestinal disorders, such as heartburn, diarrhoea, soft stools, flatulence, food intolerances, etc., are experienced. Occasionally, other underlying diseases, such as neurodermatitis or chronic pain syndromes from migraines to spinal problems, are the reason for an intestinal cleansing, however, for example craving sweets can also be the impetus for an intestinal cleansing.

Patients with a high Candida albicans contamination in the intestine frequently have recurrent foot fungal or vaginal mycosis infections. If the intestinal immune system is overburdened, the defence against fungi even in other areas, such as in the vagina, paranasal sinuses, ear canals or even between the small toes, may no longer be sufficiently active. Therefore, evidence of fungi on the outside of the body is always an indication of a massive infestation of fungi in the intestine.

At this point, the patient has two possible therapeutic alternatives:

  • A traditional intestinal cleansing with anti-mycotics. Those are fungicides that destroy the fungi for the most part. The must eliminate the remainder if it can still achieve this with its immune capability. 
  • A so-called orthomolecular intestinal cleansing in two stages. For the cleansing of the small intestine and subsequently for the large intestine. In the process, a change in the regulation of the acid-base balance, and thus in the milieu, occur in the body through the preceding therapy with the Reha 1 package. Louis Pasteur already knew more than 150 years ago that bacteria – or a fungus – cannot sustain itself without its sustaining environment!