Anti-aging is in demand. After all, an increasing number of people desire to remain healthy, fit and attractive at an old age. Several anti-aging programmes are offered in order to achieve this goal. Many of these emphasise exercise and nutrition.

Anti-Aging through a healthy lifestyle


Even if genetic factors play a certain role in aging, we can significantly influence our aging process through our lifestyle and environmental conditions. If you wish to delay biological aging in the context of anti-aging, you should:

  • not smoke
  • not drink too much alcohol
  • get sufficient sleep
  • lose excess weight, if necessary
  • relieve stress
  • exercise regularly
  • maintain the impacts of the environment caused by traffic noise and environmental toxins as minimal as possible
  • eat "healthy".

Healthy nutrition and regular exercise are the easiest anti-aging means. For example, it is possible to reduce menopausal symptoms and to prevent cardiovascular diseases as well as diabetes through exercise. A health-conscious diet can be upgraded if need be through dietary supplements.


Nutritional tips for anti-aging


Precisely in older persons who do not enjoy cooking for themselves, nutrition is frequently a critical point.  In this regard, it is possible to do something for anti-aging through nutrition and dietary supplements.  If you value anti-aging, you should

  •     avoid gaining weight
  •     eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, salad and  legumes
  •     opt for fresh regional and seasonal, biological foods in your diet
  •     reduce animal proteins and fats in your diet
  •     opt for basic food and drink in your diet
  •     pay more attention to quality than quantity in your diet
  •     if necessary, additionally  cover your nutritional needs with dietary supplements

We also recommend occasionally cancelling your dinner, i.e. foregoing dinner, as an anti-aging measure from the area of nutrition

Intestines and anti-aging


The intestines also play an essential role in aging. Valuable ingredients from healthy food can only be utilised by the body if the absorption of nutrients in the intestines functions properly.  bnormal colonisations in the intestines can additionally weaken the immune system, which is often worse in old age anyway, and release burdensome metabolites. Typical signs of a disturbed digestion can be frequent flatulence, bloating, abdominal fullness or diarrhoea. In addition to a healthy diet and sufficient exercise, dietary supplements can facilitate the natural intestinal flora and thus proper digestion within the scope of an orthomolecular cleansing of the intestines. Such dietary supplements are also used within the scope of anti-aging treatments.

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