Dental Health

Dental Health

Whether or not our teeth remain healthy and we will still be able to forcefully bite not only depends on our exterior dental care, but rather also on our diet. Teeth, gums and jawbones, in which are teeth are firmly anchored, need vitamins, minerals and trace elements to become and remain strong as well as to be able to perform their function optimally. 

Winner of the CAM Award 2013

In recognition of his work on periodontitis and peri-implantitis, our clinical leader and consultant physician Peter-Hansen Volkmann received the prestigious CAM Award 2013 from the health minister for Düsseldorf.

The award recognised the important contribution Dr Volkmann has made to regulatory medicine. In the study concerned, he and his colleagues were able to show how even chronic, treatment-resistant periodontitis could be treated successfully via the intestines using an orthomolecular approach.

The study results convinced the jury and helped us to develop Itis Protect® I to IV as a supplement to a balanced diet and as an integrated, holistic treatment concept.

Itis Protect®: an award-winning periodontitis treatment concept

Our natural approach to the treatment of periodontitis using Itis Protect® is based on 25 years' experience of treating chronic disease. While treating people for intestinal, back or knee joint problems, we noticed that inflammation due to periodontitis often cleared up as well. So for the past twenty years, here at our natural treatment centre for general medical problems, we have been receiving patients with advanced oral inflammation who are in danger of losing their teeth.

In 2011, following the development of a therapy specifically designed for diseases of the periodontium, a study of this simple three or four-month treatment concept was published. The study had been carried out in a group of patients with chronic aggressive periodontitis (the most advanced form) who in the past two years had had at least four standard treatments involving antibiotics or other methods without seeing any improvement.

Itis-Brochure: comprehensive complementary therapy for supporting the immune system during periodontitis

to be available for download (2,62 MB)

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