Nutritional supplements and orthomolecular substitution

Nutritional supplements and orthomolecular substitution

What does hypoallergenic dietary supplement mean?

A healthy dietary supplement or compounds of orthomolecular medicine are mostly individual substances as well as mixtures of minerals, trace elements (like zinc and selenium), vitamins or unsaturated omega fatty acids. Orthomolecular substances – "proper molecules" – are labelled as such because they are found precisely in this manner in the body. Hypoallergenic means that healthy dietary supplements are produced without any synthetic or natural, undeclared ancillary substances or additives. Natural dietary supplements from hypo-A very seldom or never cause a food intolerance or allergy due to the strict hypoallergenic design. Every hypo-A dietary supplement is deliberately free from allergenic additives and manufacturing resources. The healthy dietary supplements are therefore particularly well suited for sensitive allergy sufferers as well.

Fillers in a healthy dietary supplement?

Only so-called "smart" fillers are used to the extent necessary in hypo-A dietary supplements for an improved ability to dose. This includes, e.g. the natural acerola powder containing vitamin C in the iron-vitamin C dietary supplement or the dietary fibre, inulin, a carbohydrate indigestible for humans as support for the healthy lactobacilli flora and promotion of intestinal cleansing in the small intestine.

The healthy hypo-A dietary supplements for therapists

We have numerous confirmations regarding the superb tolerance of our healthy dietary supplements from therapists, who you can find, e.g. in the user list, as well as from end users. In addition to experiences with therapy in the own family with the supplementation of a normal diet with hypo-A dietary supplements and symbiosis channelling intestinal compounds, many users have tested the tolerance in individual cases for themselves, e.g. with oscillation, with applied Kinesiology, with Touch for Health or with the EAV. Because hypo-A dietary supplements are tolerated well on a regular basis even by those with allergies and environmental diseases, they are also optimally tolerable for all user without allergies.

A healthy dietary supplement as a tablet?

Optimal tolerance is not often a given with dietary supplements in the form of tablets, coated tablets or aromatised effervescent powders for sensitive customers because contaminating additives are mostly additionally used for these dietary supplements, e.g. for squeezing, lubricants for improved lubrication of the tablet machines, flow agents, colours and paints or chemical aromatics. With such dietary supplements, the desired substances are often quantitatively in a ratio of 1:10 to 1:3 or 1:2 to the so-called e-substances with respect to fillings and manufacturing resources. hypo-A dietary supplements are free from such e-substances.