Why use premium products?

Why use premium products?

Why should I use premium supplements?

At hypo-A, we most highly value the quality of our products for natural dietary supplementation. For us, this not only includes

  • the use of high-quality raw material and
  • a careful manufacturing process, but also
  • avoiding any contaminating additive.

Minerals, trace elements (e.g. zinc and selenium), vitamins or unsaturated omega-6 fatty acids are used in form, which is found naturally in our body and can be optimally processed, according to the principles of orthomolecular medicine.

Natural dietary supplements – designed in a hypoallergenic manner

Hypoallergenic means that the orthomolecular dietary supplements are manufactured without any synthetic or natural, undeclared ancillary substances or additives. Natural dietary supplements from hypo-A very seldom or never cause a food intolerance or allergy due to the strict hypoallergenic design. 
Every hypo-A dietary supplement is deliberately free from allergenic additives and manufacturing resources. The healthy dietary supplements are therefore particularly well suited for sensitive allergy sufferers as well.

Good tolerance of the orthomolecular dietary supplements from hypo-A

The hypoallergenic composition without chemical fillings or ancillary substances makes an essential contribution to the superior tolerance of our compounds. In addition to personal experience with the supplementation of a normal diet with our trace elements and viable germs, many therapists have internationally confirmed the high level of bio-energetic quality of hypo-A products, e.g. with bio-resonance, with oscillation, with applied kinesiology, Touch for Health or with the EAV.
Because hypo-A compounds are even ideally tolerated by allergy sufferers, they are also optimally tolerable for any non-allergenic user. This optimal tolerance is not often a given with tablets, coated tablets or aromatized effervescent powders for sensitive customers because contaminating additives or e-substances can be consumed with these forms of administration in individual cases.   

Quality raw materials for a healthy dietary supplement

With the selection of the basic substances for the production of our products for dietary supplementation, we primarily focus on the biological use and tolerance. Together with sensible combinations in the context of orthomolecular medicine, the purity of our products is our most valuable asset at hypo-A.
Already with the selection of the raw materials, such as the fish oil for our salmon oil capsules, we are mindful of sources free from harmful substances. A subsequent review for harmful substances gives the user additional security. In addition to a chemical analysis, our basis substances are bio-energetically tested for optimal tolerance and selected accordingly. Only then can the production of our dietary supplements for orthomolecular medicine begin.