hypo-A german premium dietary supplements since 1998
hypo-A german premium dietary supplements since 1998

hypo-A german premium dietary supplements since 1998

Initially, we were searching for healthy dietary supplements

The origins of hypo-A are rooted in the practice of Peter-Hansen Volkmann, which was oriented purely toward naturopathy.  In the 1990s, he worked primarily with orthomolecular medicine.  Due to the fact that there were no dietary supplements on the German market at the time, which met his high demands for quality and purity, Mr. Volkmann took up his own path.  He initially had individual substances and compounds without processed chemical additives sealed in capsules for particularly sensitive patients at a nearby pharmacy.  Those suffering from environmental diseases, numerous allergies and intolerances, e.g. to food, as well as chronically-ill patients tolerated these carefully selected and prepared dietary supplements superbly.
Through the course of 5 years, Volkmann optimised the composition of his orthomolecular dietary supplements.  As the demand exceeded the capacity of the pharmacy and patients from throughout Germany were requesting the particularly pure and well-tolerated dietary supplements, a solution had to be developed.  Thus, the idea for the establishment of hypo-A was born.  Until the establishment, much had yet to be developed in the medical practice of naturopathy.  At the end of March 1998, everything was set – hypo-A was established.  Already in May 1998, our first hypoallergenic products in colourless capsules were introduced to the market.  Due to the great demand, our company developed very well.  We now sell our hypoallergenic dietary supplements internationally – all the way to Arab countries.  Throughout the years, additional hypoallergenic dietary supplements were added, e.g. for intestinal care, as well as medicinal products, such as our suppository for vaginal care.
Despite production in large quantities, our demand for quality still exists.  The name “hypo-A” represents the strict hypo-allergenic concept of the products.  However, we do not merely value the purely material quality of our product.  For this reason, we test all raw materials and packaging materials bio-energetically for optimal tolerance.


Peter-Hansen Volkmann, consulting physician

Peter-Hansen Volkmann – Physician for General and Athletic Medicine with emphasis on Naturopathy
Peter-Hansen Volkmann is a physician for general and athletic medicine with emphasis on naturopathy.  He is from an old, farming family of healers, the members of which have successfully worked as so-called “bone crushers” – the farming ancestors of osteopathy – for over 500 years.  Thus, it is no surprise that the founder of hypo-A felt drawn to naturopathy.  As of 1989, he is registered as a physician with emphases on applied kinesiology (AK) and orthomolecular medicine with his own practice in Lübeck.
Aside from that, starting in 1998, he systematically built hypo-A GmbH together with his wife.  Today, he continues to assist our company as a consulting physician.  Additionally, Mr. Volkmann works as an internationally sought-after speaker and author.  He has written numerous technical articles, the books, "Naturheilkundlicher Patienten-Ratgeber Orthomolekulare Therapie - hypoallergen!" and "Ökosystem Mensch - Gesundheit ist möglich! " as well as various other brochures that have appear in VBN-Verlag.  You can experience Mr. Volkmann at his lively lectures and workshops at any of his numerous events.

Irmtraut Volkmann, Managing Director

Irmtraut Volkmann has been married to Peter-Hansen Volkmann as of 1970.  As a mother of three now adult children, she is mindful of a healthy diet for her family.  In 1998, she founded hypo-A GmbH with her husband.  The healthy composition of our dietary supplements was very important to her.  In 2009, she wrote a small cookbook for a healthy diet, which is included in the book, "Ökosystem Mensch - Gesundheit ist möglich! ".  From the beginning, Mrs. Volkmann has directed the now medium-sized company as managing director.