Germanys Premier League Team of Schalke 04 uses hypo-A products

The german football team Schalke 04 wants to become german football champion 2007
with the help of the hypo-A GmbH.

Schalke 04 trusts in hypo-A

Since the beginning of 2005 there is a close cooperation between the orthopaedic and
sports medicine Dr. Thorsten Rarreck from the FC Schalke 04 and our consulting naturopath and sports medicine
Peter-Hansen Volkmann.

Together with Dr. Rarreck who looks after the team, Mister Volkmann was able to reach
impressive results in oral tests with hoT-Substition:
The movability of joint, hip, knee and  the sportive performance as well as the coordination
could be improved significantly. Very impressing ist the pain killing with inujred players, who are strongly limited
in their mobility and in the training. This works for acute as well as for cronical muscle and joint problems eg after

The result of our long-therm cooperation is shown in less injuries and the players have more fun while playing football.
Also the wave of influenza of this winter which also raged in Gelsenkirchen could not harm the Schalke-players.

In the recent season the results of our integrative hoT-Substitution with pure orthomolecular substances showed off:
Schalke is leading the ranking list and the aim is near: German football champion 2007!

We wish the team around Mirko Slomka a lot of success and still a good sense for the football.